Berbahasa Inggeris tanpa melupakan bahasa ibunda

Mampu bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris dengan baik bukanlah bukti kepintaran seseorang, tetapi mengusainya juga merupakan suatu kemestian.

Risking it all for something artificial?

Palm oil: orang asli pay the price

Palm oil used to bring good fortune to the country, but it has also ruined many of the orang asli’s lives.

Uniknya dialek kita

Dari Semenanjung ke Sabah dan Sarawak, boleh dikatakan setiap ceruk negeri-negeri di Malaysia mempunyai bahasa dialek yang tersendiri. Kaya dengan keunikan tersendiri, namun pada harga yang perlu dibayar.

Beyond glass and steel

Populations are growing, cities are developing, and every country is fighting to build the “world’s tallest building”. But is building more skyscrapers really what Malaysia needs?

The enigma and stigma of mental health

Many Malaysians are descending into the darkest place in mind not many people can get out from.

e-cigarettes: the lesser of two evils?

Electronic cigarette was said to be the “lesser evil” between smoking and vaping, but after twelve vaping-related deaths have been reported in the US, the claim that vaping is a good alternative for those looking to quit smoking might prove to be just a myth.

Hak yang tidak diiktiraf

Sejak mereka tiba, masyarakat orang asli sudah pun mendiami sesuatu tempat yang kini menjadi sebahagian tradisi kaum mereka sendiri. Namun tiada undang-undang yang mengesahkannya.

The fight for Kampung Baru

Kampung Baru is where the Malays live their traditional village lifestyle in the heart of KL. Why should that be changed? The Malay community has lived in Kampung Baru for …

Seeking thrills on the busy road

In Malaysia, there is a peculiar view on the street in the middle of the night – a group of motorcyclists gather while making noises through revving engines, waiting for a race to start. They are the mat rempit, and they have built their own culture in the country.

Closing the pay gap

Today, many men and women work in the same field, but that doesn’t mean they get the same pay.

Little things to enjoy in kampung

Movies and TV dramas often depict mak cik bawang (term normally used to describe old women who gossip) badmouthing fellow villagers while picking up groceries from a sundry shop. But that’s not all there is to life in a village.

When leaving school is a better option…

School dropout rate is low, but it is still happening in Malaysia. Why?

Overstaying overseas

Many people travel to the foreign lands, but not all make it back home. Some choose to overstay, painting it black to Malaysia’s name.

Unemployed, but not by choice

Youth unemployment is a rising concern, and the ones looking for a job are still the ones getting the blame for not getting it. Is it true that they are choosy of jobs?

Gojek bukan keutamaan

Mengapa Gojek terus diperjuangkan walhal ada pengusaha tempatan yang lebih layak diberikan sokongan?

Let’s talk about the “lain-lain”

Orang Asli are the oldest inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia, but their place in the country is never truly recognised.

The gangster chronicle

Gangsterism always becomes the subject of local movies, but it was never just a mere fiction.

Haze goes beyond coughing and sneezing

Haze doesn’t just cause breathing difficulty. It also affects the heart, and in some cases that no one is willing to talk about – it can kill.

Call it what it is: children with disabilities

There was a time when special needs child was called “retarded”, but the R-word has since been scraped off people’s tongues and papers. But, what if the term “special needs” is also nothing more than just another euphemism?

Will Malaysians welcome more guests?

Hong Kong extradition crisis has led to a surge of interests in the Malaysia My Second Home initiative. But, are Malaysians ready to open the door of their home for these people?

Malaysia’s Famous Landmarks: A must visit!

From infrastructural feats, to naturally constructed landmarks, some have been giving us an identity, and improving the nation for decades.

The Unfortunate fate of foreign workers

Adding to Malaysia’s multiracial society is the swarming of foreigners in the middle of busy cities, here to earn decent money for families back home. But many of their dreams shattered the moment they stepped into the cruel scene of migrant labours.

Transgender: the outcast community

All they wish for is to be accepted in a harmonious community, but the reality is they risk arrests every day just by stepping out of the door.

Becoming A Social Media Star

Social media influencers are often seen as leading glamorous lives, but is becoming one really as promising as advertised? Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report 2019 found that Malaysian social media influencers …

The urgent need for Sex Ed

Girls are better off learning about sex from a parent, than from a stranger they meet online.

Heineken 0.0 shouldn’t be Muslims’ concern

Heineken 0.0 may have zero percent alcohol, but it is still non-Halal. Alcoholic beverage manufacturer Heineken Malaysia has recently launched a new product called Heineken 0.0. With this, consumers can …

Nevertheless, slavery persist

Slavery still exists, and it hits closer to home than most people would prefer to believe. According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index from the Walk Free Foundation in Australia, …

Malaysia-born and bred stateless people

Stateless people are the people who are “not considered national under the rule of law”. Not only does this issue affect the entire world severely, Malaysia is also struggling to end it.

Food Bank aids hungry Malaysians

The Food Bank Malaysia Programme is a government’s incentive set up to help ease the burden of the less fortunate in dealing with the high cost of living. The aim of the programme is simple: to hope that no one goes to bed starving.

Young dads want paternity leave

While women take full advantages of their mandatory maternity leave, men struggle to find the same recognition for their role as a father. Is paternity leave needed?

Deadly measles outbreak

The mystery of the deaths of 15 Orang Asli Bateq tribe in Kuala Koh Village, Kelantan was finally solved when Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad confirmed that it was a measles outbreak.

Malaysians love food

Obesity prevalence in Malaysia is at 13.3%, making it the fattest country in Asia.

University Malaya remains top-notch

University Malaya is ranked 70th in the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings 2020 – the biggest win yet for the Malaysia’s oldest university.

Are “women only” facilities helping?

Ladies only services have been around Malaysia for awhile. Even so, these zones are often abused or disrespected, but is necessary as these facilities affect on crime rate seem to be responding positively.

The outlooks on abortion

Abortion could be the path to equality sought by most women, or it could simply be the slaughter of the innocence.

Are you consuming fake food?

Food made from artificially crafted components are periodically prevalent. Unfortunately, consumers wouldn’t realize it until it’s too late.

Is Malaysia’s press still suppressed?

Malaysia rises up the international press index after governmental change, loosening media expression nationwide. Despite that, the future may not always grant Malaysians total media liberation.

English’s comeback in Math and Science

Sarawak is on it’s way to use English to teach Math and Science. While history has shown where majority of Malaysians stand, English is proven vital for success.

Overfeeding street sleepers

Homelessness faces discrimination and unforeseen risks. It’s constantly prevalent during Ramadan results in overfeeding and food wastage.

‘Neo-Nazi’ author’s books banned from Kedai Fixi

The Patriots’ author and founder Helmi Effendy wished for the killing of Malay “traitors”, causing local bookstore Kedai Fixi to remove his books from its shelves.

Cheap yet disastrous electric bills

Malaysia’s electricity charges are among the lowest in the world. Even so, our environment pays the price. While Malaysians save electricity for monetary reasons, better knowledge about energy efficiency should be applied.

In the face of scams

Bank scams are dangerous and undesired, yet they evolve and adapt as people change the way monetary transactions are handled. Gradually, the days of cold hard cash are diminishing as …

Malaysia’s strong bond with Palestine

The Israel – Palestine conflict is complicated and bloody. But historically, the British might be the ones who started pitting them against each other. Nevertheless, Malaysia and many other countries recognise and support the Palestine as a whole.

Root causes of Zoo problem

The Zoo Negara is struggling to survive, while some people blame it on their high entrance fees, others point the finger at the animal welfare groups. Recently, Zoo Negara was …

Dying for Social Media

Online networking affects perception, judgement, and public approval; so much so that people trade their lives for it. The fault doesn’t lie with any specific generation, but perhaps the evolution …

Celebrity drug epidemic

Actor and director Farid Kamil is not the first Malaysian celebrity to have fallen victim to the darkest side of drugs, and it is safe to say that he won’t …

Formula One will return

After a year of absence, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wants to bring Formula One back.
The first Malaysian Grand Prix (GP) – Formula One (F1) World Championship – was hosted by Sepang International Circuit in 1999. But

Gelatin: the enemy of halal products

Choosing food to consume and powder to dab on the cheeks is a pleasure for many, until gelatine is found in the list of ingredients. Muslims have always been concerned …

Kulim International Airport a threat to Penang

Kedah will be getting a new international airport, and while the people of the state are welcoming the news, neighboring Penang sees it as a threat to their own success.

The triumph and trials of Sandakan

The influx of Chinese dealers turned Sandakan into a blooming trade town. Until the Japanese invaded and forced thousands to work and die for them.