Harmoni di bawah satu bumbung

Rumah panjang Iban dan suku kaum yang lain di Sarawak telah menjadi identiti mereka, apatah lagi dengan ciri-ciri binaannya yang unik serta keistimewaan rutin harian di bawah bumbung yang sama. …

Mengenali Bajau: pengembara laut

Suku kaum Bajau di Borneo hidup dengan bergantung kepada hidupan laut. Keistimewaan mereka termasuklah kemahiran menyelam dalam suatu jangka masa yang lama.

Menyingkap sejarah Kesultanan Selangor

Sultan Selangor yang pertama ditabalkan pada tahun 1766, dan baginda berasal dari keturunan Bugis yang tiba di Tanah Melayu sekitar abad ke-16.

Pemburu dan pengumpul di hutan Borneo

Jauh terpencil di Sungai Kajang, Sarawak, ada sekumpulan puak Orang Asli yang dikenali sebagai Punan Vuhang.

Tatu tradisi Dayak

Tradisi tatu masyarakat Dayak di Kepulauan Borneo sangat unik, seunik kisah-kisah yang tersembunyi di sebalik setiap satunya.

Lahirnya industri petroleum di Miri

Miri, Sarawak kini terkenal dengan tarikan peranginannya, tetapi lebih daripada itu, ia juga merupakan tapak kelahiran industri petroleum di Malaysia. Penemuan minyak di Sarawak pertama kali direkodkan pada tahun 1882 …

Dongeng si Kenyalang

Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang – sebaris nama yang meniti bibir sesiapa sahaja yang mengenali Sarawak dengan keunikan budayanya. Burung Enggang Kenyalang telah dimeterai sebagai lambang negeri Sarawak serta menjadi kebanggaan seluruh …

Penemuan keajaiban Sarawak

Ruang gua Sarawak (Sarawak Cave Chamber) adalah yang terbesar keluasannya di dunia. Mula diterokai sejak 40 tahun yang lalu, dan masih dikaji sehingga ke hari ini. Sekumpulan caver (peneroka gua) …

Menjejaki sejarah di Lembah Bujang

Pengaruh agama Hindu telah wujud di Lembah Bujang sejak lama dahulu, dan ia terbukti dengan penemuan candi-candi di tempat yang sudah menjadi tapak warisan sejarah itu.

#Boikot: mekanisme pertahanan rakyat Malaysia

Kempen memboikot sudah menjadi begitu sinonim dalam masyarakat Malaysia hari ini. Tetapi, adakah memboikot jawapan kepada setiap masalah yang ada?

Legenda Hantu mengikut Budaya

Sesetengah masyarakat kaum Melayu dan Cina percaya dengan kewujudan hantu, tetapi kedua-duanya ada versi legenda yang tersendiri.

Trick-or-treating in the malls, and more

Multiracial Malaysians enjoy a series of festivities with fireworks and food; and recently, locals have also picked up traditions from the western countries. Malaysians celebrate a number of festivals throughout …

Lighting a path for goddess Lakshmi on Diwali

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is believed to walk the Earth during the celebration of Diwali. Lamps are lit to guide her path, and doors are left open for her to come inside.

Uniknya dialek kita

Dari Semenanjung ke Sabah dan Sarawak, boleh dikatakan setiap ceruk negeri-negeri di Malaysia mempunyai bahasa dialek yang tersendiri. Kaya dengan keunikan tersendiri, namun pada harga yang perlu dibayar.

Palm oil: Malaysia’s prized possession

The first plant arrived in Malaya in 1875, and it has since then contributed to the good reputation of the country.

The fight for Kampung Baru

Kampung Baru is where the Malays live their traditional village lifestyle in the heart of KL. Why should that be changed? The Malay community has lived in Kampung Baru for …

Seeking thrills on the busy road

In Malaysia, there is a peculiar view on the street in the middle of the night – a group of motorcyclists gather while making noises through revving engines, waiting for a race to start. They are the mat rempit, and they have built their own culture in the country.

More than just a kampung boy (and girl)

Many successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and artists come from rural parts of Malaysia, and they have great success stories to tell.

Little things to enjoy in kampung

Movies and TV dramas often depict mak cik bawang (term normally used to describe old women who gossip) badmouthing fellow villagers while picking up groceries from a sundry shop. But that’s not all there is to life in a village.

From hand-drawn cartoon to big-screen animation

From street crime fighting-hero Keluang Man to intergalactic superhero BoBoiBoy, Malaysian animation has come a long way.

Mid-Autumn Festival – A Cultural Exploitation through Overpriced Mooncakes?

Once a year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese people gather with lanterns, awing at the sky where the moon shines the brightest each year, accompanied by family, friends, and mooncakes.

The glorious stripes of Malaysia

Jalur Gemilang is Malaysians’ pride, and as the Independence Day is approaching, nothing says patriotic better than waving the flag no matter the time and places.

Towards a peaceful Malaysia, together

Well known for its unique cultures and its renowned multiracial society, Malaysia’s diverseness is well portrayed in its society’s daily lives. A train ride to work, a weekend hang-out at the malls, and merry festival celebrations throughout the year, the whole community band together to live in harmony.

Malay cultures before Islam

The arrival of Islam had reshape the Malays daily practice and culture as a whole. But does becoming a Muslim mean sacrificing one’s own identity?

Malaysia’s Famous Landmarks: A must visit!

From infrastructural feats, to naturally constructed landmarks, some have been giving us an identity, and improving the nation for decades.

Preserving heritage through jawi lesson

Ghosting on the Hungry Ghost Festival

The traditional festival is a ritualistic time of offerings to spirits of the underworld. But it’s harder to get performers, and the turnout isn’t what it used to be, for the living.

Appreciating Aidiladha

Aidiladha celebrations are never as grand and food-centric as Aidilfitri. Are Malaysian Muslims less appreciative of the Festival of the Sacrifice?

Believing in the unbelievable

Some people are quick to connect strange occurrences with supernatural forces because they truly believe the world beyond the veil exists.

Thanking the war heroes

Darjah Kebesaran Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa is for the brave who fought for the welfare of the country and they deserve all the thanks.

Meet Durian: the King of Fruits

Durian, a pungent-scented and sweet-flavoured tropical fruit, is a guilty pleasure for many Malaysians, especially the supreme of all durian types: Musang King.

Sarawak’s independence depended on the British

Sarawak has a long standing relationship with Brunei, but that all changed when the British took over. After scuffles and wars, Sarawak still stands with its indigenous people after its independence.

Harmonious open house tradition

See a family dressed in traditional baju Melayu and baju kurung on the third week of Syawal and ask where they are going. The answer is simple: open house.

George Town’s comeback story

George Town’s history extends throughout disputes and war. Its development was abandoned by the federal government years ago, but made a successful return as a vital Malaysian historical heritage. George …

Days of traditional games are vanishing

Before Playstation and smartphones took over childhood, most Malaysians grew up playing traditional games. No electronics or Wi-Fi signal needed, just a group of friends, ubiquitous instruments, and tons of fun.

Malaysians’ bubble tea frenzy

There is still no sign that bubble tea craze among Malaysians will die down soon as more stores are opening up in Subang Jaya, which has been regarded as “Bubble Tea Street”.

“Nature’s toilet bowl” as Aidilfitri delicacy

Among Aidilfitri delicacies such as ketupat, rendang, and variant kuih raya, lemang periuk kera has become the talk of the town especially in the recent years.

Penang Hokkien among languages going extinct

The language we speak plays an important psychological part of our identity. It could easily go extinct if not passed on, hence its preservation is vital for the understanding of future generations.

Luxury hijabs: Profiteering or modernization

When religion obligation inspires business opportunity, some call it profiteering, and some think it is modernization.

“It’s all the teacher fault!”

A provocative tweet asking the reasons as to why Malays are still incompetent in English after eleven years of school has consequently launched an attack on English teachers.

Flat Earth is back in Malaysia

The idea of a giant horizontal piece of land hovering in space seems ridiculous in this current age of technology, but the revival of “flat earth theory” is re-emerging in modern Malaysia.

Malaysia Obliviated From Asia Food Map

Netflix’s new food documentary Street Food (Volume 1: Asia) featured multiple South-East Asian countries, but Malaysia was not one of them. If there is one thing Malaysians can be proud …

Gelatin: the enemy of halal products

Choosing food to consume and powder to dab on the cheeks is a pleasure for many, until gelatine is found in the list of ingredients. Muslims have always been concerned …

The Environment Hazard of Chinese Traditions

Burning offerings to gods and ancestors are one of the many ways Chinese worships. But pollution and environmental hazards may be getting in the way. Living in multi-ethnic Malaysia allows …

Mandate education before marriage

Tying the knot is never easy. Other than career and financial stability as pre-requisites to getting married, Muslims are also required to obtain a certificate by completing a pre-marriage course.

Kelantan orders eateries to close at night

The state government of Kelantan trying to push its residences toward a religious path, then the humble small business owners suffer.

The triumph and trials of Sandakan

The influx of Chinese dealers turned Sandakan into a blooming trade town. Until the Japanese invaded and forced thousands to work and die for them.