Nadi kepulauan Borneo

Spesis terancam sebagai makanan “eksotik”

Setiap hidupan liar di Bumi mempunyai ‘tanggungjawab’ tersendiri dalam menjaga keseimbangan ekosistem planet. Tetapi yang menyedihkan, ada juga yang menjadikan haiwan-haiwan ini sebagai pemuas selera makan.

Usaha melindungi dugong

Antara spesis hidupan marin yang ada di laut Malaysia ialah dugong. Namun dengan jumlah yang semakin berkurang, tiba masanya dugong dilindungi walau dengan apa cara sekali pun.

Garisan pertahanan terakhir hutan Sarawak

Jika bukan kerana kaum Penan yang tidak pernah berhenti memperjuang kesejahteraan hutan hujan terakhir di Sarawak, sudah tentu aktiviti pembalakan telah pun menyapu bersih tempat yang mereka panggil rumah. Kaum …

Demi Pak Belang

Dalam kepelbagaian fauna di Malaysia, ada satu spesis yang menjadi kebanggaan semua: harimau Malaya. Tetapi ia dijangka pupus dalam masa sepuluh tahun lagi.

Dumping smartphones the right way

Sabah’s threatened jewels

After the Sumatran rhinos, Sabah is losing another precious wildlife species: the Borneo pygmy elephants.

Risking it all for something artificial?

Palm oil: a miracle turned disaster?

Despite the awes that palm oil has to offer, it also has one evil attribute that could severely harm the environment.

Haze goes beyond coughing and sneezing

Haze doesn’t just cause breathing difficulty. It also affects the heart, and in some cases that no one is willing to talk about – it can kill.

Tackling haze: should we make it rain?

Isn’t haze from slash-and-burn farming?

The term “slash-and-burn” may conjure an image of destruction in many people’s minds, but according to those who practise it, it is believed to be a sustainable way of farming.

Wildlife trafficking: traders go online

Questions may be asked as to why it is so easy for traffickers to make a career out of illegally trading animals in Malaysia. One of the clear answer is: social media.

Wildlife trafficking: a harvest for humans’ pleasure

Wildlife is trafficked for the exotic pet trade, but that isn’t the only reason. (The first part of Wildlife Trafficking series is available here.) The same baby gibbon, now arrived …

Wildlife Trafficking: Malaysia’s Essential Role

Malaysia is named as a global hub for wildlife trafficking – a sinister crime threatening the lives of innocent animals.

Fish bombed, corals destroyed

Fish bombing has long existed in Malaysia, especially along the islands of Sabah – a place once regarded as a top tourist attraction because of its beautiful, diverse coral reefs. …

Keeping oceans and rivers clean

Malaysia is familiar with water pollution cases – it happens in Johor, Penang, Selangor and basically all around the country. But what are the authorities doing to solve this deep-rooted conflict?

Malaysians’ bubble tea frenzy

There is still no sign that bubble tea craze among Malaysians will die down soon as more stores are opening up in Subang Jaya, which has been regarded as “Bubble Tea Street”.

Exotic pets for glamour

Singer Zarith Sofia’s arrest for owning a protected species of a wildlife and leaving it unfed at home has become an eye opener for many Malaysians as they have realized that many other celebrities are also doing it just because they can.

Dams were never eco-friendly

Hydroelectricity is often viewed as an environmentally friendly method of supplying power. But recent studies have debunked it. Alternatives leave less carbon footprint but are harder to implement.

“Nature’s toilet bowl” as Aidilfitri delicacy

Among Aidilfitri delicacies such as ketupat, rendang, and variant kuih raya, lemang periuk kera has become the talk of the town especially in the recent years.

Penang has everything, except clean water

Penang is one of the most progressive states in Malaysia but it lacks one important resources: clean water.

Iman is Malaysia’s only hope for Sumatran rhinos

Malaysia’s last surviving male Sumatran rhinoceros has died, leaving only one sole female in captivity: Iman.

Cheap yet disastrous electric bills

Malaysia’s electricity charges are among the lowest in the world. Even so, our environment pays the price. While Malaysians save electricity for monetary reasons, better knowledge about energy efficiency should be applied.

Iman is Malaysia’s only hope for Sumatran rhinos

Malaysia’s last surviving male Sumatran rhinoceros has died, leaving only one sole female in captivity: Iman.

Humans failed leatherbacks

Rantau Abang has recently lost its former glory as leatherback turtles are now effectively extinct.

Is Lynas a real threat to Malaysia?

Lynas’s production is important for technological growth worldwide, but their waste by-products are getting in the way. However, this isn’t Malaysia’s first rodeo with rare-earth plants. It’s no hush story …

The Environment Hazard of Chinese Traditions

Burning offerings to gods and ancestors are one of the many ways Chinese worships. But pollution and environmental hazards may be getting in the way. Living in multi-ethnic Malaysia allows …

Mushrooming Island in Malaysia

With a total land size of 329,847km2 and a density of 99 people per Km2, Malaysian had decisively thought that the country has not enough room for the human and venture into the sea for more land.