What’s So Special About Cikgu Fazri?

Cikgu Fazri, an inspiring young teacher for special need students. And he has many fun ideas for class activities up his sleeves.

“Phoenix” keeps on rising

More than meets the eye. Meet Phoenix, the world’s first and only hijabi wrestler.

The realities through Pak Samad’s masterpieces

National Laureate A. Samad Said in his golden age continues his fight in preserving the Malay language through his outstanding literary works.

Yuna: forever a Malaysian darling and more

Yuna’s first single Forevermore from her fourth album is an ode for home country Malaysia as she continues climbing international music charts.

Lee Chong Wei versus his health

Datuk Lee Chong Wei suffered many injuries throughout his badminton career. His sacrifices are often overlooked, but never fails to share his glory with all Malaysians.

The Queen of Squash, Nicol David

The soon to be retired Datuk Nicol David is the pinnacle of the international squash scene, but that is not the only thing she is good at.

Veil is more important than heart

Dr. Amalina Bakri, Malaysian very own genius whose name can never escape the chatter of some prejudiced Malays, help a baby battling Germ Cell Tumor. The baby’s mother, Nurul Erwani …

P. Ramlee’s tears in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian entertainment icon P. Ramlee may have received accolades and titles after his death, but his final days in this world were not as bright as some people were led to believe.